Learn the secrets of people that had already achieved inner peace and fullness. You too can achieve it too!

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Conoce a Margarita

“Evolution is a question of personal effort”

Margarita Blanco is the creator of the method BEING A BETTER BEING.

This is a method of inner growth that has been applied by thousands of people of different ages, social strata and gender.

The impact on their lives has been immense, they soon can notice a before and an after. Many of her students or therapy consultants have made dramatic changes in their lives.

Her mission is precisely to help many people just like YOU. She wants to share all these tools with the Spanish speakers of today’s globalized world. Undoubtedly, you may find resources, tips, visualizations and practices for your internal growth.


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Now, the question is the following: Are you going to keep lamenting yourself and feeling a victim of circumstances or of someone else? Or are you ready to leave your (pseudo) comfort zone and dare to be a better being?

If that’s the case, then this book is made for you!

Sanación Emocional del Niño Interior

Método Ser Mejor Ser

A profound and simple formula to heal childhood’s emotional wounds and elevate your self-esteem in a definite way.

Emotional Healing of your Inner Child is a book that will teach you to understand how your childhood impacts your present and daily living. Your reactions as an adult with your partner, spouse, children, or at work, environment, and mostly with yourself are deeply linked to your childhood experiences. This book is like a treasure hunt with very concrete hints and audio visualizations available for download online, thoroughly provided so you can walk back such journey and make an inner trip to recover this little fragile inner child that resides hidden in a corner of your emotional being. This book will guide you in a certain and loving way so you can grow in awareness and in love for yourself.


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And you? Will you like to become the better person you can be?

The Being a Better Being Method is taught through a Diploma Course, consisting in a set of 13 experiential workshops or modules, one different each month coursed through a whole year. From the beginning the participants will notice a radical change in all the different areas of their lives, with lasting and indelible effects from there forth.

If you have a real desire to become a better person, here you can find the tools to achieve it!

Margarita Blanco also teaches other courses to complement the modules of the Diploma Course accredited as a certified instructor.


“She moves her audience emotionally, achieving profound changes in people.” 

Her conferences, in the field of HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, include a wide array of subjects, like motivation, personal leadership, creativity, change and transformation, empowerment, closing cycles, inner strength, communication, the science of happiness, and many more. All them oriented to the transformation of human beings and designed to meet the requirements of the audience.

Learn the secrets of people that had already achieved inner peace and fullness. You too can achieve it too!

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