In a recent interview Margarita remarked:

“The suffering experienced or the intensity of difficulties are no challenge if there is a true and profound desire to be a better being, eagerness will always give good fruits if you have the right tools.”

“Evolution is a question of personal effort”

“To love, grow and contribute: the ultimate sense of a life worth living”  

“Being a better being: become the best version of yourself!”

Margarita can help you to live in a more peaceful and calm way, enjoying life, clearing out unnecessary negative emotions. Will you not like to learn from someone that has grown internally by means of great personal work? She doesn’t speak from theory only, that’s why her teachings are so effective, she knows what she says because she has lived it and transcend it.


Margarita Blanco is the author of the book “Emotional Healing of your Inner Child”, recently rewarded one of the best year books on Amazon. 

She is also the creator of the Being a Better Being Method, which by learning its tools has change the lives of thousands, literally.

The Being a Better Being Method is taught through a Diploma Course, consisting in a set of 12 experiential workshops or modules, one different each month coursed through a whole year.

From the beginning, and all along through a whole year of personal compromise, inner growth and evolution, the participants will notice a radical change in all the different areas of their lives, with lasting and indelible effects from there forth. 

But achieving this method was no easy task…

When Margarita began her courses and creating workshops, she had experience as a normal teacher with preschoolers and some years as university teacher teaching Art History and Anthropology.

However, after a near death experience, a transcendental sense beyond the material, compassion and empathy towards the suffering of others and a profound desire to alleviate pain on others began to transform her soul to an extent that she decided to train as a psychotherapist, and through her patient practice, she began to create, first, the workshop ‘Rescuing the Inner Child’, and then little by little, following her inner voice, she continued shaping the following modules, and, just as she said, this Method has been a long pregnancy of more than 20 years, where she integrates her studies (teaching, anthropology, history, psychotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, thanatology, coaching and many more) along with her experience to help people become the best version of themselves.

Hundreds and hundreds of testimonies prove it and confirm it. Nine generations of postgraduates sustain that thanks to the tools acquired in the Diploma Course and their personal effort in applying them, they now are happier, more conscious and complete. In a practical, simple, profound, fun way she also guides them to achieve great, lasting results in their lives.

This site is Margarita’s main tool to be in contact with you. The objective is set so that this link may be all about you, on how to heal your emotional wounds, how to transform your limitations and reach your goals. This site was created to teach and inspire people like you on how to achieve internal progress.

Learn the secrets of people that had already achieved inner peace and fullness. You too can achieve it too!

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