Being a Better Being Method

A profound and simple formula to heal childhood’s emotional wounds and elevate your self-esteem in a definite way.

Are you the strong and mature adult that you wanted to be, or are you sad, angry and frustrated with the results of your life so far?

The beginning of our years is critically important since we all were very vulnerable, we may have suffered all kinds of wounds and/or abuse, for this reason, in order to become confident and successful adults, is essential to heal the emotional wounds of childhood.

Unfortunately, the majority of persons place their focus in resolving the issues or difficult situations of the present, without ever giving the necessary importance to the childhood events that left a mark upon them.

Without doubt, every right person desires to become a better being. However, this desire is not enough to modify our existence and travel along with greater inner peace and fullness.

Appropriate tools are required to allow us make an internal reengineering, for us to be able to think, feel and act in a saner, happier, harmonious way with ourselves and with our environment.

Attempts to change many times end up in failures, precisely because people lack the right emotional resources.

In this book, Margarita Blanco guides through a system of transformation tools that she designed: BEING A BETTER BEING Method, and explains in a simple and direct way how the knots that obstruct our evolution are formed, starting out from emotional wounds formed in childhood that are trenched deeply as we grow, leading us sometimes to make some disastrous decisions, having conflictive relationships and harming people we really love.

You will understand the vast potential on your hands to become the best version of yourself. Thousands of people have already experience her method and have seen their lives flourish on an unimagined way.

Now this book is at your reach, on a printed format, on a PDF ebook or audiobook. On all formats, at the end of the book, you may find four audio visualizations to download that will help you follow the beautiful process to heal your inner child.

Having this book in your hands is like having the treasure map to rescue and heal this little child that inhabits inside. Persons that freed and regained their inner child through love have learned to create a happier and fuller life, becoming better parents and better partners.

Whether you are already ahead in your life or you are young just learning to fly, this is your “instruction manual” to develop a happier and fuller life. Here you will find practical and definite tools to achieve success in your life.

Now, the question is the following: Are you going to keep lamenting yourself and feel a victim of circumstances or of someone else? Or are you ready to leave your comfort zone and dare being a better being?

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